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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you contact us, make sure your question isn't listed in the FAQ!

Questions about the 2023 Deaf Film Festival in Austin, TX:

  • If I decide to buy tickets on the day of the festival, what kind of payment do you take?​

    • We accept both card payments and cash.

  • Do we have to stay at the festival once we enter?​

    • No, you can enter and leave the festival at any time, as long as you keep your festival bracelet on.

  • Are photos/videos allowed at the festival?

    • No, we do not allow anyone to take pictures/videos in the auditorium. Our ushers will warn you if they see you recording at any point during the screenings, and after the first warning you will be kicked out without a refund. Please respect our filmmakers and their films by allowing them to remain exclusive until they decide to distribute their work.

  • Since this is a non-profit organization, why are we being charged for tickets?

    • Even though we try to keep things as low-cost as possible, we still need to pay for venues, supplies, and services at the festival.

  • Do the films have any sound?

    • Contrary to popular belief, most of the films in our festival have sound. But every film is captioned for accessibility, both for spoken parts and sign language.

  • What does “Mature film” mean?

    • It means that it can have higher than a PG-13 rating, having contents of drugs, sex, nudity, violence, and language.

  • Are kids allowed at the mature film category screening?

    • As long as adults are aware and can chaperone the children the entire time. 13 and younger are not recommended.

  • Do you have lunch/dinner provided?

    • We will have vendors on-site to get lunch and dinner. Lotz BBQ will be there during lunch break, and Crepe Crazy will be there for dinner break.

  • I didn’t make any films, am I allowed to go to the Afterparty?

    • YES! Come and meet the filmmakers and artists!

  • Are kids allowed at the afterparty?

    • Yes, but it will become 21+ ONLY after 10pm.

  • What is included in the screening ticket?

    • Entry to the festival with a limited edition bracelet

    • Parking on TSD site

    • Bottled water

  • What is included in the afterparty ticket?

    • Entry to the party

    • Photobooth photos

    • Appetizers

    • Non-alcoholic beverages

    • A surprise dessert!​

  • Will this festival occur again in the future?

    • That is a possibility! We will see how this year’s festival goes first!

  • Will there be merchandise sold at the festival?

    • Yes, we will be selling posters and t-shirts!

If you have a question that isn't listed above, please feel free to contact us!

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